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Posted by sandrawhite on November 9, 2011 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (2)

Hello Everyone!

Paige kits will be arriving ANY DAY! Supposedly they were already checked but I WILL go over them again and again,..before invoicing and sending out!

News about the twins,....quite the set back. I cancelled the molding/pouring when I saw the first pours and had to find a new molder. At the last blog posting I had not received the babies back yet,...but as of now,..I have a new molder for Catherine the preemie and I will be pouring her myself! In one week, I should have the molds and begin pouring. I will pour one in soft and one in SUPER soft platinum silicone. I would also like to try my favorite color (light) and one in a rosier tone. Depending on how I like these,..I will offer choices! The edition has not been set nor has the price,...but there will be a long layaway!

As for the twins,....they were not salvageble. I so apologize for any of you that are not preemie lovers and only wanting a full size full sculpt. I do plan on doing them again in the future,..but for now, has been quite a financial loss as well as time loss!

I am working on a small crier for silicone,...I will post pictures of the wip within the next couple days!


Posted by sandrawhite on October 18, 2011 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (5)

I wanted to start a blog to let my members know what is going on. I will not email you each time I post, visit as often as you would like!

Also, I encourage you to comment and make suggestions.

(Only members of my site can do so! :))

I will continue to send out an email blast when any NEW dolls come out. (OoaKs, silicones, etc)

Okay, for news!

I just heard this morning that Paige is almost ready to ship from Germany. I still have fifteen available from my site, otherwise you will need to order from Precious Little Baby Dust.

Full sculpt silicones,.....:)....last night I got word that there will be a delay for the twins. Actually, a fairly big delay. So, NOW, Catherine, the 18 inch preemie with opened eyes will be first! I will make her a larger edition and give a nine month layaway for her. (She is my favorite anyway :))

I was also thinking of opening up dialog here on what you would like to see as a NEXT silicone edition. (things like size, full sculpt, partial, open mouth, sleeper, fists,etc) So, dream and comment away,..I may even post pictures along the way of her/his development!