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Full Size Full Silicone

Posted by sandrawhite on April 26, 2012 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (25)

I wanted to show what I have been busy working on,....I would love your thoughts!

I want to have at least one at the show in June. (none will be available before then) and up to five more may be made. (although all different, i.e. boy.) Pricing is unknown at this time.

working to make up time!

Posted by sandrawhite on November 9, 2011 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (2)

Hello Everyone!

Paige kits will be arriving ANY DAY! Supposedly they were already checked but I WILL go over them again and again,..before invoicing and sending out!

News about the twins,....quite the set back. I cancelled the molding/pouring when I saw the first pours and had to find a new molder. At the last blog posting I had not received the babies back yet,...but as of now,..I have a new molder for Catherine the preemie and I will be pouring her myself! In one week, I should have the molds and begin pouring. I will pour one in soft and one in SUPER soft platinum silicone. I would also like to try my favorite color (light) and one in a rosier tone. Depending on how I like these,..I will offer choices! The edition has not been set nor has the price,...but there will be a long layaway!

As for the twins,....they were not salvageble. I so apologize for any of you that are not preemie lovers and only wanting a full size full sculpt. I do plan on doing them again in the future,..but for now, has been quite a financial loss as well as time loss!

I am working on a small crier for silicone,...I will post pictures of the wip within the next couple days!