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realistic infant sculptures


 Cici is available as a kit. She is approximately 20 inches complete, with a head circ or 14 inches. She has full legs, 3/4 arms and a full chest plate.


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'Noisy Little Monster'


This petite crier is just over four pounds &16 inches long. Head circ is 11.5 inches.

She fits perfectly into Carters Preemie clothing!

Her neck is jointed and it turns and tilts.

She has been poured in soft platinum silicone and micro rooted with dark brown mohair.

Limited edition of 10.

(these photos are the actual silicone doll)


 (This baby is also offered as a boy upon request.)


You will find more photos of 'Noisy Little Monster' under silicones in my gallery.


                             ~Noisy Little Monster~


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Please welcome Catherine into this world! She is poured by me, made to be only one!

Kristie Carwithin from The Dainty Loft has brought her to life with her remarkable  painting and given her the life she deserves! All credit for photos and rooting, and creative measures go to Kris! 

Please check this link for the action!