Sandra White Originals

realistic infant sculptures

                        George and Gracie!

                     I have SOLD OUT            

Gracie and George are limited to just 250 kits of each so do not miss out on these TWINS!



 The twins have 3/4 arms and Full legs and measure approx 18-19 inches. They are a small newborn size with a head circumference of 13.5 inches.
George takes 16mm flat back eyes.
Their legs have been sculpted so that the babies pose in the fetal position, with their legs curled up close to their chest.
They really do look so real and pose so naturally!

The twins are produced in a wonderfully neutral soft vinyl and Cassie said they are an absolute pleasure to paint and root!




All deposits paid on Pre-orders are non refundable. If for any reason you cannot go ahead with your purchase I will not be able to refund your initial deposit amount, swap your pre-order payment for credit or for another doll.

 ~These prototypes are painted by Cassie Peek. :)~

Gracie and George share the same limbs and tummy plate


Lane and Leah are available from Bountiful Baby

reborn by Evon Lynn Nather of Hush Babies Nursery




(click the photo above to order from Bountiful Baby)




 & Sandra White Originals presents..........


~limited edition (500) vinyl kit~

 I have sold out!

Please visit Precious Little Baby Dust for dealers!

Paige is my FIRST reborn doll kit bought to you by
Precious Little Baby Dust and me!

Paige is being reproduced in TOP QUALITY German vinyl and has an optional tummy plate and quality doe suede body, making her an 18 inch baby. (with a 12 inch head circ.)

These photos are reborn by the exceedingly talented Rachel Maynard
 Please see Paige's gallery for additional pictures.